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We foster our student’s love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things as well as give them a solid foundation to build on.

Gao Chinese Culture Academy, LLC is doing business as Gao Chinese Culture Academy (GCCA)

Chinese Culture Field Trip

(June 12-23)

  • DAY 1: Arrive - Pick up from the airport according to the flight time and check in at the hotel.
  • DAY 2: The Forbidden City (half-day guided tour, half-day free activities).
  • DAY 3: Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace, Bird’s Nest, and Water Cube night view.
  • DAY4: China Science and Technology Museum, Gubei Water Town.
  • DAY 5: Gubei Water Town, Temple of Heaven, Qianmen Dashilan Peking Opera “Journey to the West”.
  • DAY 6: Free activities (inter-school exchange and shopping).
  • DAY 7: Early morning flight from Beijing to Chengdu, Dujiangyan Scenic Area.
  • DAY 8: Panda Base, Kuanzhai Alley, Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Show.
  • DAY 9: San Su Ci, boat trip to Leshan Giant Buddha.
  • DAY10: Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Sichuan Cuisine Making, Hanfu Worshiping Kitchen God.
  • DAY 11: High-speed train back to Beijing, free activities on Wangfujing Street.
  • DAY 12: Last day- Send off according to the flight time.


After School Class

Complement and reinforce after school class for child who are looking for effective accelerated language learning program.

Virtual Class

Creative and educational class offered online while still engaging in a fun lively Chinese immersion environment.



Experience Chinese culture through our camps while learning Chinese art, film, games, story club, reading and more!

Interactive Class

Saturday interactive classes for parents who want to spend quality time with their child.

We now offer Adult classes!!

Upcoming Event

GCCA China Trip

  • June 12th to 23th

GCCA Summer Camp

  • May 27th to Aug 2nd, 2024 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)



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