Be the Best You Can Be

Educational Field Trip in China

Time: June 12 - 23rd

Age Requirement: kids 6 years old and up

Cost: $2200 PER PERSON

Payment method:

Zelle to:

PayPal to: Gao2022A (need 3.5% fee)



  • Down Payment
  • Due February 17th, 2024
  • Non-Refundable



  • Second Payment
  • Due April 6th, 2024
  • (50% Refundable up to April 20th)



  • Third Payment
  • Due May 4th, 2024
  • Non-Refundable

A set of traditional Chinese Clothing, (only for the kids)

Airfare between the USA and China

Upscale hotel accommodations 10-night and one-night luxury resort

Chinese visa

Air-conditioned charter bus

Eleven Breakfasts, snacks, and eleven meals. ( Peking Duk, Hot –

pot, Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King, Leshan style beef

hotpot, etc.

Professional English and Chinese lead

All sightseeing tickets include:

  • The Forbidden City
  • Badaling Great Wall
  • Summer Palace big tickets
  • Science and Technology Museum main exhibition hall
  • Night tour GuBei Water Town tickets + one-way cable car
  • Temple of Heaven joint tickets
  • Beijing Opera
  • Dujiangyan tickets + sightseeing car + battery car
  • Panda base tickets
  • Face change
  • SAN Su Temple tickets
  • Ship amusement mountain
  • Sichuan Cuisine Museum research packages
  • Headphones

High-speed bullet train ticket from ChengDu to Beijing

Language immersion opportunity

School field trips and cultural learning such as ancient poetry, Traditional painting, and Chinese calligraphy

  • Enjoy an exclusive intimate field trip.
  • Ms. Gao herself will be with you throughout your journey. Ms. Gao a native of Beijing, will share her firsthand experiences and insights about the city, making you have an unforgettable experience.
  • The field trip will be accompanied by three local Chinese educators and a professional bilingual lead.
  • The itinerary is brimming with diverse local and enriching experiences that promise to fill your field trip diary with unforgettable memories.
  • China, as depicted in textbooks, will become a tangible reality before our very eyes. Let us embark on a journey together that transcends the boundaries of a mere tour and instead serves as a gateway into the heart of an ancient civilization that continues to captivate the world.


  • Visit 12 traditional scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing
  • Visit 14 modern and captivating attractions in China that will leave you spellbound

All sightseeing tickets are included


  • Most authentic and delectable Chinese cuisine
  • Peking Duk, Hot – pot, Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King, Leshan style beef hotpot, etc.

Culture Experience

  • Experience traditional Chinese Peking Opera culture.
  • Explore the regions south of the Yangtze River Historic Guard in Gubei Water Town
  • Experience the charm of Jiangnan Water Town

Learning Exchange

  • Discover a world of learning by visiting a Chinese private school, where students can immerse themselves in language and culture exchanges.

Bilingual Tour

  • Experienced Chinese and English instructors providing in-depth cultural explanations of scenic spots.

Language Immersion

Field Trip Details

Day 1

Departure – Beijing

Pick up from the airport, transfer to the hotel, and check in.

Day 2

City Tour

The Forbidden City Tour & Shichahai Park and Experience the rickshaw

Day 3


Great Wall - Summer Palace - Olympic Park, up-close view of Bird's Nest, and Water Cube.

Day 4


China Science and Technology Museum and Gubeishui Town.

Day 5

Water Town

Gubei Water Town, Tiantan Park, and Watching Beijing Opera.

Day 6

Culture Exchange

Free activities (inter-school exchange) and shopping

Day 7

Beijing Chengdu

Fly from Beijing to Chengdu. Dujiangyan Irrigation Project

Day 8


Panda Base, Kuanzhai Alley, Sichuan, and Opera Face Changing.

Day 9

Temple & Boat tour

Sansu Temple, Boat Tour of Leshan Giant, and Buddha Scenic Area.

Day 10

Beijing Chengdu

Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Sichuan Cuisine Production, and Hanfu Sacrifice to the Kitchen God.

Day 11

Wangfujing Street

High-speed rail returning to Beijing and free activities on Wangfujing Street.

Day 12

Travel day

Return flight to USA, pick up from the academy

Please read the following before field trip

Registration Instructions

  • When registering, please provide accurate and complete information, including name, gender, ID number, nationality, contact information, etc. If you provide incorrect information that causes losses, you will be responsible for it.
  • The price is calculated based on 2 adults staying in 1 room. If you need to stay alone, please contact us for a single-room supplement. If you want to have 3 people stay in 1 room and want an extra bed, please notify us when booking. The subsequent arrangement and related costs may vary and are subject to the response.
  • In case of travel during peak season or force majeure such as weather, events, etc., our lead may adjust the itinerary temporarily. If you cannot go to a certain place for experience, the unused ticket fee will be refunded.
  • During the actual activity, with the premise of not reducing the scenic spots/venues and obtaining your consent, the lead and driver may make appropriate adjustments to your itinerary according to weather, traffic, etc. (such as adjusting the order of visiting/scenic spots, changing the collection time, etc.) to ensure the smooth progress of the itinerary. Please understand.
  • During non-free activities, without the consent of the leader, you are not allowed to leave the group without authorization. After obtaining the consent of the leader, you should sign a responsibility letter for leaving the group and ensure the safety of your person and property during this period. The unfinished part will be regarded as your abandonment, and the actual expenses incurred will not be refunded.

Safety Percautions

  • You should ensure that your physical condition is suitable for this activity. If you have had surgery and require rest within a year, we cannot accommodate you at this time. Please fill in your personal health information truthfully when registering. If you conceal or falsely report your personal health information, your participation will be canceled upon discovery, and you will be responsible for all resulting responsibilities and losses.
  • During the trip, please pay special attention: when riding a bus, you must fasten your seat belt and not extend your head or other parts of your body out of the window to avoid accidents.


  • Please carry and keep your passport with you. It will be checked when you take a car or check in.
  • Before the field trip, please pay attention to the weather, bring appropriate clothing, enjoy the hot springs, and bring a swimsuit.
  • In China, Beijing and Chengdu have a summer season in June. Please prepare your comfortable clothing and sunscreen.